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The skin-deep beauty doesn't mean much in the long-term, kids...

varian39: you ever watch "Annie Hall"?
a different star: No. I want to, though.
varian39: I was looking at your new LJ com
varian39: there's a scene in AH where this Yuppie couple is being confronted by Woody
varian39: he recounts a list of the worlds woes
varian39: and asks them 'how they can be so happy in the face of that'
varian39: they smile brightly and reply,
varian39: "Because we're shallow"
varian39: that's 'nonuglies'
a different star: Yeah, it is.
a different star: It really, really is.
varian39: I find it hard to stay angry at them
varian39: as they age
varian39: lose their 'looks'
varian39: that will be their Karma ripening
a different star: You're right.
varian39: I've seen it so many times in this business
varian39: BP's who are no longer B
varian39: they have this air of bewilderment
varian39: like lost idiot children
varian39: they simply can't comprehend what has happened to them
varian39: and try desperately to recapture...'it'
a different star: *nod*
a different star: It's pitiful to think about...
varian39: people who actually know
varian39: who I hated and desired at the same time
varian39: now I see them flounder
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