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nostarsneetches's Journal

The Plain-Belly Sneetches
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So, one day you were prancing around LiveJournal and you were feeling a little bit bored, so you decided to post some pictures of yourself on nonuglies, or maybe on the seemingly-sweet thecuties. That's an innocent-enough time-wasting activity, right?

In the words of Hashmir, "WRRRRRRRONG!"

After you posted those pictures, a bunch of self-absorbed "pretty" people with unnecessarily sharp tongues lashed your self-esteem down to virtually nothing, and then gave you a rude stamp of rejection that made you feel not unlike a WWII-era Jew in Germany, being forced to wear a little yellow Star of David sewn to your clothes for the purposes of humiliation, or worse.

Needless to say, you felt pretty poopy.

But weep not, rejected-one! You have stumbled upon your salvation! You have found your Promised Land!

You have discovered ... nostarsneetches!

nostarsneetches was a little community put together for anyone who was rejected by a fascist "vanity community". If you would like to join, simply contact Big Cat Pants on AIM and show him your rejection stamp. Then he'll add you and you'll be free to romp about this community as you please. Want to post pictures? Go for it! Want to (within reason) talk smack on the communities of superficiality? Peachy-keen! This community is about you so have fun. =]

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